Thursday 22nd December 2016

cPanel Shared Hosting Web Services ACTCSVR06 - Offline

Actcsvr06 is now fully functioning and all services are expected to work as expected. We will continue to monitor this server for any signs of fundamental failure or performance issues.

The server had a critical issue which caused it to undergo emergency maintenance. This issue was caused by software corruption and eventually operating system failure. As a result we were forced to build a brand new server and migrate all of the existing data to the new server immediately.

This process did unfortunately take longer than expected due to the sheer volume of data that needed to be restored, as well as the time it takes to ensure all services were transferred across correctly and the server had the correct configuration to service these accounts.

The restoration has now been completed. We urge you to check your website and if there are any issues, please email us at

We apologise for the inconvenience, but we are now confident that the original issues have been fully resolved.

All the best, The GoHosting Team.

ACTCSVR06 is currently offline - Technicians are working as fast as possible to restore services.