Thursday 23rd February 2017

Core Network GoHosting Core Network Issue

2:17PM: We're now reporting this issue as resolved as we've managed to get the network under a stable fast working connection. If you notice any further issues please email

11:44AM: We've identified an issue with our firewalls, we're currently performing emergency maintenance on them to hopefully rectify the issue.

11:27AM: This issue is still ongoing without a clear sign on how long it'll take to fix. We're currently trying to isolate the issue so that we can work on a work around or fix.

10:14AM: We're still experiencing high latency across the network however most services should not go offline. We're still identifying as to what may be causing the high latency and will keep you updated shortly. If you have any questions please email

9:00AM: The GoHosting Network is experiencing similar issues as previously reported on 20/02/2017. We're implementing similar steps as before to rectify this issue ASAP. Will post updates shortly.

  • 22/02/2017


10:11AM UPDATE: The issue has now been reported as resolved, we will continue to monitor the network for any unusual changes. If you have any questions or are still experiencing issues please email

10:05AM UPDATE: We have performed an emergency reboot on our border gateway firewalls which will result in a partial outage to the network.

9:45AM UPDATE: The issue has been escalated to Partial Outage as the issue has resulted in services going offline partially. We currently have our techs in the data centre investigating further.

9:20AM GoHosting is currently investigating an issue that is resulting in slow network speeds across the GoHosting network. As this is affecting all customers it is our priority to get this resolved.

  • 20/02/2017