Wednesday 28th March 2018

Core Network Network outage

12:01 PM ---

We are currently experiencing a network wide outage which is affecting all customers on the GoHosting network.

We expect this outage to be resolved within an hour as it seems to be related to the issue we had on the 23rd of March.

Please keep an eye on the status page for further updates.


12:10 PM --

One of our network engineers is currently heading to the datacentre and will be looking to resolve the issue in the coming minutes.

We expect this issue to be resolved by 1PM.

Please stand by for further updates.

12:18 PM --

Services now seem to be resolved.

We are keeping an eye on services as they come back up but please get in contact if you are still experiencing issues.

Our network engineers will be doing emergency maintenance tonight on the firewalls which may not only prevent these issues from happening in future but also improve the response time in restoring services if they do.

12:23 PM --

Packet loss appears to be happening on the network. This could be due to a massive influx of traffic once it has come back online.

We will be keeping an eye on it to ensure it's stable and working.